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Mass Air Flow Meter Maf Sensor 22250-75010 for 4Runner T100 2.7L Tacoma 2.4L

Mass Air Flow Meter Maf Sensor 22250-75010 for 4Runner T100 2.7L Tacoma 2.4L

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22250-75010 (1)22250-75010 (7)22250-75010 (6)

mass air flow meter OEM No
For Toyota
22204-21010 22204-00030 22204-0H010 22204-0T030
22204-22010 22204-07010 22204-0J010 22204-0T040
22204-26010 22204-0C020 22204-0L010 22204-0V010
22204-27010 22204-0D010 22204-0N010 22204-0V020
22204-28010 22204-0D020 22204-0P010 22204-15010
22204-30010 22204-0D030 22204-0P020 22204-15030
22204-30020 22204-0F010 22204-0T010 22204-20010
22204-30030 22204-0F030 22204-0T020 22204-46020
For Nissan
22680-1MG0A 22680-0M600 22680-30P00 22680-4W001
22680-7S00A 22680-16V00 22680-31U00 22680-55Y00
22680-7S000 22680-1M200 22680-31U05 22680-57Y00
22680-63107 22680-1M205 22680-36550 22680-57Y02
22680-6N200 22680-70F00 22680-4M500 22680-57Y05
22680-6N201 22680-24001 22680-4M501 22680-5J000
22680-6N210 22680-2W200 22680-4M511 22680-5M000
22680-6N21A(5pin) 22680-2Y001 22680-4W000 22680-5U400
For Hyundai
28164-22051 28164-23700 28164-37100 0K01113210B
28164-22060 28164-25000 28164-37200 0K32A13210
28164-22110 28164-27000 28164-38080 0K32A-13-210
28164-22610 28164-27800 28164-38200 0K5581321
28164-23010 28164-27900 28164-38210 0K55813210
28164-23200 28164-2A401 28164-3C100 0K9A213210
For Misubishi
MR547077 E5T51071 MD336481 MD357338
MR985187 E5T51171 MD336482 MD334011
1525A016 E5T52071 MD343605 E5T60171
E5T08471 E5T52271 MD336501 E5T52071A
E5T08171 E5T553171 MD151055  
For Honda
16400-P5T-G00 37980-R40-A01 37980-RNA-A01 37980-RLF-003
16400-PDD-X00 37980-RAD-L11 37980-RTA-003 37980-R11-A01
37980-P1R-A01 37980-RC0-M01 37980-RV0-A01  
For Mazda
AJ03-13-215 L321-13-215 Y601-13-215 ZZM4-13-210
B3H7-13-215 L3H5-13-215 ZL01-13-215 ZZM5-13-210
B577-13-215 L3K9-13-215 ZLY1-13-215 ZZM6-13-210
FP39-13-215 KL47-13-215 ZZL0-13-215 ZZM6-13-210A
FS1E-13-215 WLS1-13-215 ZZM2-13-210  
XF2F-12B579-AA 1F22-13-210R0A 1L5F-12B579-AB 2S6Q-12B579-AB
XL3F-12B579-BA 1L2Z-12B579-AA 1SDA-12B579-BA 2S6Q-12B579-BA
7M51-12B579-BB 1L2Z-12B579-BA 1SDF-12B579-BA 2S6Q-12B579-BB
3L3A-12B579-BA 1L3F-12B579-AB 2S6Q-12B579-AA 2W93-12B579-AC
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